Newborn Baby Photography Edinburgh – Photography Edinburgh – Baby feet with added bling

By March 21, 2017Photography tips
Newborn Baby Photography Edinburgh

Newborn Baby Photography Edinburgh – Newborn baby feet are so cute as this image of newborn baby Zara’s feet wrapped in her mother Holly’s hands shows.  She clearly has expensive taste (or maybe that’s her mother Holly) with the added bling.  It’s the little details that make the difference so if you want to replicate a shot like this get in nice and close to fill the frame of your camera and look to remove any distracting details or backgrounds. The closer you get to the subject the more the background is thrown out of focus as you will see in this image.  That helps the main subject, in this case the feet stand out.  Get too close however and your camera may struggle to focus so near.  If that happens you are better to keep your distance until the subject is sharp and then crop the image to effectively zoom back in.  For an interesting twist process the image in black and white as well. For this shot the colour was reduced slightly to soften the contrast and give the image a more romantic feel.  Prefer to leave it to the professionals?  Give us a call on 01968 673511 and we will take care of creating striking and memorable images of your little angel from only £99.