It can be difficult to find good photographers in Scotland. Read below to find out why

The reason why it is difficult to find good photographers in Scotland is not that they are not out there – they absolutely are in volume.  It’s that often the client does not have a clear objective in their mind out what they want from the photographer and how much they want to budget for photography.  This leads to a general browsing of photographers sites without knowing entirely what you are looking for.  Each photographer has a style of some type.  There are the traditionalists who have being taking photographs way before digital came along but have not moved with the times.  This can lead to stiff, formal and somewhat predictable photographs from another decade.  Similarly the new wave of photographers spend a lot of their time with fly on the wall type photography to get spontaneity into the images.  Done well this can be stunning, but can be repetitive and sometimes contrived.

Getting the balance right is important and this is were the critical element of rapport comes into the mix.  This is particularly important in people photographs but equally applies to commercial photography – the ability to build rapport and trust with the client and subject.  This may sound like common sense but being a photographer and being a social animal do not always go hand in hand, which is why the initial consultation is so important.  If you don’t have a shared vision of what you want to achieve, and don’t believe that the photographers personality adds something to the event, then find someone who does.  Blending semi formal photography with more cutting edge images can provide a great balance when telling the story of a social event like a wedding.

Another key consideration is experience.  Photography is undeniably a growing business as access to sophisticated high quality autofocus cameras at low cost along with the ability to use digital manipulation has lowered the cost and skill of entry into the marketplace.  Most images nowadays look terrific on a phone, but what would they look like in a large print?  Ask to see some examples.  It is also worth asking any photographer you are considering about backup plans in case things go wrong; duplicated cameras, twin memory cards (they do go wrong), backup photographers they can call on if an unforeseen circumstance were to occur and indeed professional and public liability insurance to cover the unlikely but  possible worst case scenario.  Also make sure the photographers whose work you are booking on the basis of is the photographer that will be covering your shoot – you want the A team after all.

Finally there is the variety of costs.  It is unfortunate but true that high cost does not necessarily equal high quality, and many photographers have a habit of withholding pricing until you contact them and are in essentially a “sales process” with them.  Get clarity on costs upfront, particularly with portraiture which is an area where costs can escalate as you see image after image that you must have.  So when you look to find good photographer in the future, hopefully some of these suggestions will help you find someone that can put you at ease and bring out the very best of you or your subject in the shoot.  Click the contact button below to find out how we will work with you to create some spectacular images that you will be proud of.

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