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Your special day – your unique story 

As important to capturing the emotions of the day, are the little details – the wedding flowers, the brides shoes, the wedding rings, the place settings at the wedding venue as examples.  These all help create the fabric of a strong story.  A key takeaway for the bride to be and the groom, is that a wedding event has a flow to it, and our job as wedding photographers is to be there to capture the flow with creativity and flair without being intrusive.

Having said that there are times when some direction is required to organise wedding groups and that is where our experience and personality shines through by involving the guests and capturing them in a fun way, so that you can look back at your treasured images fondly many years from now.

If you are looking for creative wedding photography in Edinburgh, or across the whole of Scotland including Dundee and Glasgow. then look no further than Blackfox Photography.  Have a look at our showreel video at the foot of this page and see in 60 seconds some of the exciting photographic images we can deliver.

After what can be years of planning, the wedding day flashes by in spectacular fashion.  It is one of the most important days of any bride and grooms life, and is something worth remembering in detail.  The problem is that over time we forget those details.  You have come to our page because you are looking for a wedding photographer in Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow and further surrounding areas Scotland, and therefore realise why it is so important to have someone to capture those magical moments, allowing you to share your treasured images, and allow generations in the future to take a trip back in time and be part of this special moment.

Our approach to wedding photography in begins with understanding the bride and grooms vision for the day – the wedding venue, the bridal dress, the family members that will surround them and what matters to them most.  This helps us build the storyline and will drive our approach to your wedding day shoot.  The key is being able to capture moments that truly reflect the day by capturing the emotions and drama of what unfolds with authenticity and love such as those shown in the video showreel at the foot of this page.  That is our mission – to deliver wedding photography images that evoke an emotional reaction in the viewer for many years to come. Covering Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow and further surrounding areas in Scotland, contact us today for more information.

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