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Providing Scotland wedding photographers in Edinburgh and across Scotland, as well as high impact portrait photography & commercial photography.

Wedding photography Scotland – choose a professional photographer that combines an eye for detail with technical and people skills.  This is where Blackfox Photography excels by turning the photographic experience into a fun and engaging time.  

Covering a clients photographic commission is a serious business and getting the right result is an onerous responsibility.  Wedding photography for example is one occasion where there are no second chances, and the happy couple need someone they can trust to deliver.  Someone who is familiar with Scottish wedding venues and the best way to work unobtrusively, yet still get the best from the bride and groom.

Regardless of the photographic commission, our style is to put the client at ease and work in a collaborative and sympathetic way that adds to the experience and takes nothing away.  Our objective is to create high quality images that will delight, and evoke a memorable reaction in the viewer.

Our specialities are:

Wedding Photography 

Wedding Photography Scotland - A tender moment

If you are looking for Scotland wedding photographers, we provide high impact, documentary style wedding photography, interwoven with some more semi-formal images to blend old and new styles of wedding photography.

Our wedding photography packages provide a range of options to suit all budgets and coverage requirements from bridal preparations to the dancing.  Some of the images will be taken with a telephoto lens providing the best of candid wedding photography, whilst for others we will be in the mix with a wide angle lens capturing the emotion of your big day up close.

As important to capturing the emotions of the day, are the little details – the wedding flowers, the brides shoes, the wedding rings, the place settings at the wedding venue as examples.  These all help create the fabric of a strong story.  A key takeaway for the bride to be and the groom, is that a wedding event has a flow to it, and our job as professional wedding photographers is to be there to capture the flow with creativity and flair without being intrusive.

Having said that there are times when some direction is required to organise wedding groups and that is where our experience and personality shines through by involving the guests and capturing them in a fun way, so that you can look back at your treasured images fondly many years from now.

If you are looking for creative wedding photography in Edinburgh, or across the whole of Scotland for that matter, then look no further than Blackfox Photography.  Have a look at our showreel video at the foot of this page and see in 60 seconds some of the exciting photographic images we can deliver.

Portrait Photography 

Find good photographers - Portrait Photography Edinburgh

Being portrait photographers in Scotland is a target rich environment.  There are so many wonderful venues to shoot within and so many natural features, that the only limit is your imagination.

Whilst much of our work is done in a controlled environment in a studio setting, we are equally comfortable taking to the great outdoors – or indeed a combination of both.  Portrait photography is now so diverse that we need to show a high degree of flexibility to meet our clients needs.

You may want a traditional portrait or family group for example.  Alternatively you may want something a little more left field from your family portrait.  How about taking to the hills, or walking along the banks of a river to create an outdoors portrait.  For the business person, actor or budding social media entrepreneur, a high impact headshot may be just the ticket.

Whether your objective is the most flattering image possible, or a gritty black and white film noir style, we can assure you of fresh and contemporary portrait photography and headshots, that provide real impact and show you in the way you want to be seen.

Call Blackfox Photography now to discuss your portrait photography requirements. Have a look at our showreel video at the foot of this page and see in 60 seconds some of the exciting photographic images we can deliver.

Commercial Photography 

Scotland Commercial Photography

Commercial photography covers a multitude of photographic disciplines from headshots for an annual report of the company directors, to product pack shots or a company corporate event.  We have experience across the spectrum and welcome the opportunity discuss your photographic brief in more detail.

Commercial photography is one of the most powerful ways a company can build and maintain its brand, and this need not be the preserve of the largest companies.  Even a small start up with a limited budget can access professional commercial photography with Blackfox Photography.

With a low 2 hour minimum charge, quite a lot can be accomplished in that time – a series of headshots of the management team, a number of standardised product packshots, the interior and exterior of a factory as examples.  Let us show you just what can be accomplished on a tight budget.

If you are looking for commercial photography in Scotland we can assure you of a consultative approach, flexibility on rates with discounted hourly rates for repeat customers and above all, high impact images to support your brand.

Have a look at our showreel video at the foot of this page and see in 60 seconds some of the exciting photographic images we can deliver.

Please take some time to peruse our work and call us on 01968 672731 or click the Contact Now button at the foot of the page to email for more information. We will be delighted to take you through our approach and provide a tailored quote to your requirements.  For wedding photography we suggest meeting for an informal coffee to discuss the many details and nuances of the wedding event.

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